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Effects of Mass Media Sherri Patterson Media Influences on American Culture / 186 October 19, 2015 Allyson Wells Effects of Mass Media The effects of mass media on American culture can be of wide range with long lasting effects. Mass media can have a significant influence on American culture whether spoken or unspoken, viewed or read; there can be varying effects on all levels. Mass media puts issues front and center for everyone to form his or her own thoughts and opinions. Society perception of mass media can depend greatly on the mindset of the individual. (Patterson, 2015) Major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century During the last century, many major developments have helped shape the evolution…show more content…
Tablets, smartphones, internet, and even social media have all derived from the influence of major developments that have occurred over the last century. With knowledge that some cultures do not have access to such things as computers, internet, books or even periodicals like magazines, American culture has been afforded many great advantages. Today in American culture, it is rare to find an individual who does not have at least one device that derived from the influence of the many major developments such as those of electronics. For instance, practically every individual would probably say that they have utilized some sort of electronic device at some point where as in some foreign countries, electronic devices may not be allowed or even forbidden in an effort to exert…show more content…
To obtaining media literacy, the application of critical thinking skills is required in order to gain an understanding of the information being presented and formulate an informed opinion about said information. Media literacy forces one to apply the basic questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how to information being received whether through mass media or other sources. Media literacy to me is vitally important in achieving responsible media consumption today. In the future, mass media will be far greater than what we see today and media literacy will be that much more

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