Asian Stereotypes In The Media

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Media is a large part of today’s society and culture. From the radio to the T.V to the magazines and to the internet, there is no denying that we have advanced greatly in our ways of mass communication. At the focal point of it all is Hollywood, whose presence is a huge contributor in the production of media that we use on a daily basis. With such a large intake of media over time, we can easily point out the array of trends that Hollywood tends to follow especially when it comes to the representation and shaping of the Asian identity. Specifically, the media being produced by Hollywood dramatically lacks in Asian diversity and relishes on perpetuating Asian stereotypes and culture. Now, America is considered the melting pot of all nations. It is a land of different races and different people who are different shapes…show more content…
In fact, research found in the dissertation, Race/Ethnicity in 600 Popular Films: Examining On Screen Portrayals and Behind the Camera Diversity by Dr. Stacy L. Smith, Marc Choueiti, & Dr. Katherine Pieper, discovered that “just over a quarter (25.9%) of the 3,932 speaking characters evaluated were from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups.” (1). As seen in the image below, this underrepresentation of Asians in both the media and entertainment industry is substantial as they only represent 3.8% of all races. When there is a lack of diversity present from the Asian community there is a lack of voice, influence, and recognition. Because of this, there is an absence of role models and leaders from Asian backgrounds to look up to. These absence causes so many generations of Asian to cancel out the possibility to strive for leadership and influence through the means of media because they have only seen a majority of white people be successful and recognized for it. In contribution to that, the phenomenon of the “glass

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