Banking Sector In Bangladesh

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Status of the current banking sector in Bangladesh- ( ) Banking sector is known as the backbone of the economy of a country.After the liberation war banking sector in Bangladesh was gone through a rough phase. Because in that period there was no controller of the banking sector. So for that reason Bangladesh bank was formed. Before the liberation war Bangladesh bank was recognized as the Dhaka branch of the state bank of Pakistan. To save the interest of the contributors and the depositors Bangladesh Bank took initiative and started to nationalization of other banks. But nationalization of other banks could not develop the banking sector into…show more content…
( ) 1. Schedule bank –Total 59 Schedule bank. Operate under the Bank Company Act, 1991 (Amended up to 2013).  4 State owned bank- Sonali Bank Ltd., Agrani Bank Ltd., Rupali Bank Ltd., Janata Bank Ltd.  4 specialized bank-Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Bangladesh development Bank Limited, Basic Bank Limited, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank.  41 private commercial bank- 32 conventional PCBs & 9 Islamic sharia based bank  10 Foreign commercial bank-Bank Al-Falah Limited, Citibank NA, Commercial bank of Ceylon PLC, Habib Bank Limited, National Bank of Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India , Punjab National Bank, Woori Bank…show more content…
Contribution in GDP-Few days ago United Nation declared that Bangladesh step into Middle income country. That indicate that our GDP is on the way of increasing path. At Present Bangladesh GDP growth rate is 7.28%. Because of the impact of the banking sector our GDP increased that rate. Both PCBs and State Owned bank making a great contribution to the economic sector. Because they collect deposit from their customer and then they lend credit to different sector. In Bangladesh agriculture is known the main sector of the economy. 22 % GDP comes from here. Bank provide loan to agriculture, fishery and forest sector. As a result total credit amount significantly increased .Theses sector started to grow up .As a result people who worked in theses sector their income increased. And this thing help to increase our

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