Seeking Knowledge In Islam

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Knowledge in the Arabic language is known as “Ilm” which in most cases is related to Islamic knowledge or matters related to the Islamic Law also known as Sharia. The Quran is one of the main resources which a person can gain knowledge from as Muslims believe it is the words of God. The Quran is an accurate holy book that has existed on the earth over 1400 years and has not been changed ever since its verses were descended. Seeking knowledge is important in every religion including in Islam because it is very beneficial to gain Islamic knowledge when it comes to understanding and supplementing God's orders in one's personal life. To attain Islamic knowledge, a person needs to be able to know who Allah (God) is and what the purpose of one's…show more content…
We know this because in the Quran it says: "Allah will raise those who have believed amongst you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees" [Mujadilah: 11]. This shows that the status of the people of knowledge such as prophets and Imams are raised in this world because people will look up and show respect to them and their status will be raised in the hereafter as well because Allah will enter them in to the highest places in paradise because of their knowledge. Allah also refreshes a person’s faith through the knowledge they have acquired, if they learn the Quran for example as well as other things then they can save themselves from many evil acts such as adultery and murder as these acts are forbidden in Islam. To conclude, the whole point of knowledge is to indeed produce both meaning and purpose in our personal lives. I agree with this statement because in Islam when a person gains knowledge they have to supplement the knowledge they gained and act upon it. As a Muslim myself, i have learned that acting upon an Islamic knowledge has many benefits such as teaching one to be patient and to control ones anger. However many people may argue that seeking Islamic knowledge has its negatives too because once a person gains Islamic knowledge and does not act upon it, it is as they are committing a sin. Prophet Muhammad said: "When Allah wishes good for someone, he bestows upon him the understanding of the deen (religion) and when Allah does not want well for someone, he takes the understanding of knowledge away from them- [Al-Bukhari]. Knowledge is therefore referred to in many Quranic verses as light and ignorance as

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