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This chapter of research study consists of the data and information from the research work of previous researches. It always considered the most important part of any research, because it is studying of many other different researches that save money, time and effort of researchers. Basic point of this study was to evaluate the effects of Turkish and Indian dramas on Pakistani women. The impact of dramas explore as a change in the culture. There are many impacts of Turkish and Indian dramas that effect the Pakistani culture. Indian language is quietly similar with the language of Pakistan but in case of Turkish language is completely different with the Pakistani language. This section would provide the previous literature about the cultural…show more content…
Sample of the study were all house wives from different areas of Lahore city. Sample size of her study was 400 house wives. The result of her study on the change in living styles of house wives shows negative correlation valued Z=0.03. The attributes that were studied are related with the change of living styles. In 1995 a research study conducted by Saleem on the impacts of dish antenna on the Pakistani society explores that the programs of dish antenna is positively influences the values and beliefs of the Pakistani viewers in the society. According to the research by Saleem it is an alarming issue that by watching the programs of different cultures the youngsters are becoming communist and the think that Islam is a conservative religion that bounds them and they appreciate the religious values of the western…show more content…
The survey research concludes that the social-cultural thinking of Pakistani youth is under the foreign cultural values through these Indian dramas. They are also affecting the language, fashion, food and architect, social behaviour and daily life style of Pakistani society. These dramas have increased the generation gap. And through these dramas, Pakistani youths have become more money oriented. They have created an impact on the ‘‘lifestyle” of middle class Pakistani youth and influenced the thoughts of modernist and traditionalist thinkers. They have an impact on social interactions and on norms and values of youngsters and have increased the desires, demands and idealism in Pakistani youth. These Star Plus dramas have frequent and intensive negative impact of Pakistani youth’s social and cultural norms and

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