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Pakistan’s culture is value oriented Society is characterized by E.B. Tyler it is fundamentally the standards, values, information, convictions, workmanship, ethics, law, custom and some other abilities and propensities procured by man as an individual from society. Another meaning of is "Society is characterized as a social area that underlines the practices, talks, and material expressions, which, after some time, express the progressions and discontinuities of social significance of an existence held in like manner". Qualities are characterized as morals. It is characterized as the convictions or things which have some significance and which gives us a bearing to what to do or what not to do. It portrays the noteworthiness of various things. Pakistani society is extremely assorted and changes from territory to area, even in territories distinctive sort of individuals with various society lives. Having diverse…show more content…
This help depends on the qualities. As Pakistani society depends on the instructing of Islam, there for we see Islamic qualities in this society. There are some Islamic qualities like we need to welcome each one by saying "Salam" and when we are going we say "Khuda Hafiz". So also we need to say thank you when somebody help us. Our way of life is overwhelming with such standards of qualities. We can likewise see these standards and qualities in the media for instance there are package of TV dramatizations and shows which demonstrates that Pakistani society and its qualities. Pakistan has an extremely assorted society and it has values and individuals take after these qualities. Whether it is the distinctive event any marriage or the demise we have a wonderful society with kind of qualities which is being secured by the general population of Pakistan. These qualities can be found in our everyday life. Society of any general public makes the estimations of that

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