Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment In Schools

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AbdulAziz S AlMehaid Mr. Wehbe English Writing 3 April 2016 School Corporal Punishment: An Argument For and Against I. How the idea came into being “All school kids are misbehaved and ignorant these days, I wish we could use corporal punishment to make them well-behaved, study and pass!” my cousin, who is a teacher in Riyadh, stated. I could not believe my ears. Beating kids is old fashioned and unacceptable! It has no benefits. Why would anyone want to beat anyone just to make him successful at studies? “That is the way things used to be and should be now,’ my grandma said. “What!” My own family say that. I decided to research what was the Saudi view on using corporal punishment to discipline kids. Did people really believe that beating…show more content…
The topic I found out was not only in Saudi Arabia but I got to know that there was a “Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment”, to which many countries had taken part in, including Saudi Arabia. It was supported by the United Nations, international and local human rights organizations. They were pushing for a worldwide corporal punishment of children not only in schools but also in at home. The Initiative stated “Corporal punishment of children is a violation of their rights to respect for their human dignity and physical integrity. Its widespread legality breaches their right to equal protection under the…show more content…
This rule applies to all stages of general education and penalties have been created to prevent teachers from using force to discipline students. However, still corporal punishment is very common remaining an acceptable to discipline children. Maybe people think they are following the cultural and traditional. Another fact is that people believe corporal punishment is Islamic as many educators in the past have used it while teaching Qur'an and good ethics, e.g. when a child swears, lies, steals or does any bad things that are forbidden, also if the child runs away from the

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