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Research Essay Eating has long been a practice that has brought people closer together. For thousands of years, mankind would feast in times of happiness, feast in times of sorrow, or just feast in general. It is one of the few great joys of life that all can relate to. For the better part of the second millenia, families dining around the same table at least once a day became a phenomenon so commonplace that it would be next to impossible to find evidence of otherwise. The dinner table has become a medium of conversation and bridge-building, as well as a place for individuals to become closer to one another. Unfortunately, the trend of families eating dinner at the same table has spiraled downward in recent years. Because of the rise of…show more content…
Alongside the practice of eating homemade meals came a slew of discreet benefits that were nearly lost in the span of only a few years, which include access to healthier choices, a more responsible use of one’s wallet, and even benefits…show more content…
Not only does it have a variety of health benefits and is less of a strain on your wallet, but it also causes avoidance of certain practices that are harmful to the environment. The tendency to eat out is a rather new human dilemma, only becoming a phenomenon is the last few decades. Looking at the issue a philosophical standpoint, one could take this change to mean that, as humanity advances, so does it regress. With technologies that simplify the everyday doings of man being invented everyday, many have seen fit to do away with older methods in favor of a path which requires as little of a learning curve as possibles. If we were to delve deeper into the issue, we must wonder: Should these technologies ever fail us or lead to our own ruin, how shall we persevere without the aid of advanced skills that have been long forgotten? The ability to cook is one of the most basic and gainful of these, and a revival of this “old” is more than necessary for humanity to succeed and prosper. After all, if mankind had never learned to fend for itself, this essay and those who are to read it would not

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