Coach Yoast Character Analysis

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Stage 1-Potential Opposition or Incompatibility The movie started with the integration of a high school in Alexandria, Virginia back in 1971. This led to the existing head coach, Coach Yoast to be replaced by Coach Boone. There is structural conflict because Coach Yoast does not want to work beneath Coach Boone due to different leadership style. Coach Yoast is people-oriented leader. He cares about his team players. He emphasizes on personal interests and the needs of members. Coach Boone is task-orientated leader. He emphasizes on perfection to achieve goals, he inspires members to transcend their self-interests for the good of the team and have an extraordinary effect on members. As for evidence, Coach Yoast with high relationship behavior…show more content…
This happened on Julius and Emma (Gerry’s girlfriend). Emma is racist in the beginning and she refused to shake hands with Julius due to different skin color. Julius was aware that they are in disagreement, but it does not make Julius tense or anxious, and it has no effect whatsoever on Julius’s affection towards Emma. This stage also includes felt conflict. This involved in emotional stability such as anxiety, tension, hostility and frustration. Both races in the team are tensed and hostile when they were getting a drink from Sheryl Yoast after training. Both races in the team push, yell, and fight with each other. Another evidence, Gerry felt angry and frustrated when Julius hang a poster on the wall in their room. Two of them argued, push, and fight…show more content…
This means that they are in the mid-range on both assertiveness and cooperativeness because both sides know there will be no winner. Therefore both races put aside their beliefs for the better of the team. As for evidence, the black and white races gave up competing with each other and this may help them to build friendship and teamwork. Hence, there is a collaborating intention between the races in the team. This means that they are assertive and cooperative. Because they know there will be no winner, therefore they attempt to find a win-win solution that allows both of them to achieve their mutual goal together as to fully satisfy the concerns of both races in the team. As for evidence, although both of the coaches had their own coaching styles, but instead they are willing to clarify the differences and tried to use both methods to collaborate to coach the team depending on the nature of situation. Stage 4-Behavior In this stage there becomes some questioning of challenges but the physical conflict is set aside. An example of this is when Julius calls out Gerry asking why he is a captain and not making his teammates to block for the black team members. As stated by Julius to Gerry, “leadership affects attitude”. This causes Gerry to reflect and observe his team’s performance and made a final decision to remove one of his team members. Stage

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