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I was not a very nice child, especially in the company of the terrible trio. This Mean Girl phase of my life lasted until the ringleader left for middle school. Back then, I was not so fortunate as to have an escape route or another form of entertainment. The four of us Mean Girls were all the entertainment we had, with one girl always left out of its inner ring; there are only ever three Mean Girls at a time. More often than not, I felt as though I was the one left out, to be the prey of the other girls, forced into playing by my lonesome. There simply were no other children to hang out with before or after school. I was left fending for myself, trying to understand trust and forgiveness which I clearly gave away too easily to the Mean…show more content…
I grew more rebellious towards them, rebuffing them more than they did me. I became more of a goodie-two-shoes in my classes, causing disruption with tattle-tailing instead of apparent verbal abuse or anything physical. Before and after school got a little easier, and by the time fifth grade rolled around, the head Mean Girl had disappeared. Monica never got pinned with anything and I have not spoken to her since she left elementary school. With her leaving, it allowed me to fully come to terms with how I acted during this phase. I became reformed, in a way; more conscious of the feelings of others around me, more easy-going, and more of a good friend not as affected by peer-pressure as I once was. I am still brutally honest, though my approach utilizing it changed dramatically. More active and vocal, I do not accept any mistreatment from anyone. I oppose any and all injustices I see towards me or anyone else. Some people believe I am far too blunt and honest for my own good. However, I do know when holding my tongue and when being tactful is the best approach. I know how I should best preserve peoples feelings. I am conscious of how I treat people, and if I step out of line, I am quick to apologize and/or make it up to them. At college, I would continue this behavior, making many new friends along the way and spreading a positive attitude around the campus. I would take my classes seriously and help

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