The Fab Five: A Brave New World

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During the 1400s five European countries, also known as the Fab Five, wanted to find a direct route to get from their side of Europe to the West Indies without going through the middle men that blocked them in between to get the goods that they wanted. (Cloves, cinnamon, pepper, silk, tea, porcelain, etc.) But they didn’t exactly know where they were going. They were led to many different places around the world. For example, Henry the navigator ended up circumnavigating the world, and Christopher Columbus found America. (even though he actually wasn’t the first person to find it.) But when they got to the places that they found, they weren’t the only people there. Other people were there without knowledge of their customs and ways. And things didn’t always go so well.…show more content…
It really just depended on how people went about things. If you were nice, they would like you. But if you were mean, things went a little differently. For example, when the English got to the eastern side of America (modern day Massachusetts all the way down to Georgia), they enslaved and forced to work on their plantations and killed many Native Americans just because they were there and on “their” land. But when the French got to their side of America (From modern day Quebec, Canada down the Mississippi river to the Gulf of Mexico ), they were nice to the Native Americans and learned new things from them. The Natives hated the English but loved the French so much, in 1754 the French & Natives teamed up and went to war with the

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