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The term achievement gap indicates any significant discrepancy in academic performance or educational achievement between various groups of students white students and minorities. For instance, higher/lower income students, boys/girls and public/private schools. These achievement gaps can be measures by, test scores, GPA (Great Average Point), graduation and enrollment rate. This research will elaborate the meaning of achievement gap between genders. Males/females, boys/girls output will be measured and analyzed. Historically, two key theories were presented to show difference of gender attainment in western nations(Vassiliou, 2009). The first theory is called traditional. Here, variance in social and cultural between men and women is seen…show more content…
Hypothesis The research questions were investigated through an experimental design. The study was designed to collect data and conduct analyses to test the following hypotheses: H0: There is no significant differences in the attainments of male and female students in private schools. H1: There is a significant differences in the attainments of male and female students in private schools. REVIEW OF LITRATURE This review examines the different disparities between genders. It will highlight the reasons of achievement gap between genders. In addition, it will explain why girls outperformed boys in certain school subjects. As we all we, there are various basic skills among girls and boys whether intellectual or psychological. Finally, the review will answer the research questions. The major topic, reasons that lead to achievement gap between genders: (a) Differences in respect to the nature of genders (b) differences in respect to academic performance (c) differences in respect to environmental factors (d) differences in respect to learning styles. Finally, after reviewing literature, the research will provide some recommendations for teachers to avoid achievement gap between…show more content…
He called it “nature versus naturer”. Tests of general intelligence suggested that there are no noticeable disparities between boys and girls. The discrepancy appears in score performance with respect to several cognitive skills. For instance, females outperformed boys at verbal tasks while boys excel in attaining specific spatial tasks. Spatial tasks are important in solving mathematical problems. It’s the ability to understand and remember relations between objects (Baartmans, 1996). It is a vital finding of intelligence testing that there is no disparities between the sexes in average cognitive capability (Hines,

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