Analyzing Chisholm's Speech

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Speech Analysis I believe that Chisholm’s speech was strong and on point. For the time period the speech was written in, the points she makes are very important. She speaks of issues that are relevant to her time, and that not only affect her personally, but many around her. Some of the strong points of her speech include her comparisons of men to women, her detailed use of examples, and her comparisons to other civil rights movements. In her speech she is constantly showing the different treatment a man faces compared to a women. This is powerful because it puts the issue directly next to how things should be, and shows a clear difference. This tactic also draws men’s attention to her speech because it mentions experiences they encounter.…show more content…
Throughout her speech Chisholm gives many examples of how women are discriminated against. For example she brings up how men were given free passes towards things that required higher education while women were require to meet above the average standard to get the same positions. This was a strong strategy for her speech because it was relatable to the audience of the time. Women of this time period could look at these examples, and personally relate to them. This made the speech as a whole more affective towards part of her target audience, and could have made her audience more open towards her cause. A final strong point in Chisholm’s speech would be her comparisons toward other civil rights movements. This method helped put the whole issue in a bigger perspective. Chisholm points out that movements are being made in all these different civil rights movements, but that nothing is being done for women. In a way this type of method is a call for action because it pushes the idea that women should follow the steps of these past movements, and fight for their rights. It gives the speech a sense of action, and urgency the whole movement needed to get

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