Differences In Academic Anxiety

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RESEARCH PRROBLEM  To study gender wise difference in the academic anxiety of students. Academic anxiety is a common issue that students cannot ignore if they want to achieve academic success in school. It is a mental sensitivity of uneasiness or distress in response to school or college circumstances that is perceived negatively. RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS  There exists significant gender wise difference in the academic anxiety of students. Academic anxiety is totally not a bad thing. However it is true that a high level of anxiety interferes with concentration and memory which are critical for day to day academic performance and success, however it is also true without any anxiety, majority of us would lack the enthusiasm and motivation to study…show more content…
Anxiety can be classified into three sections in which academic anxiety is situation-specific form of anxiety related to academic circumstances. Eysenck, (2001) From very beginning of children's education, they are trained to acquire more knowledge and high scores in academic field. To achieve the target, students are bound to carry extra educational load compare to their age. This type of pressure creates psychological stress on them. As a result they feel anxious in academic field in the form of panic, helpless, hypertension and mental disorganization. Academic (test) anxiety leads to academic difficulties through irrelevant thoughts, preoccupation and reduce attention and concentration. Pomerantz et al, (2002) in a study on, “Gender Differences in Academic Performance and Internal Distress.” The main aim of this research was to understand the pattern of gender differences. Girls out performed boys across all four subjects but were more prone to internal distress than boys were. Girls doing poorly in school were the most vulnerable to internal…show more content…
Girls may be more likely to report their symptoms. Psychological differences also might help explain these gender gaps. For example, boys may be rise to believe more in their personal control over the situation, a variable protective against anxiety disorders. Social factors like gender roles are also likely to play a role. Boys may experience more social pressure than girls to face fears. Girls facing different life circumstance than men. Having show more biological stress reactivity than do boys.Perhaps as a result of cultural and psychological influences. We could summerize Different theories to elucidate the development of sex role behavior among social learning theory (Modeling and imitation), Cognitive developmental theory, and the gender schema theory. In the same way environmental stress has been reported as relevant to the development and exacerbation of anxiety.as well as conflict-affected family

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