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SUMMARY OF BRAC BRAC is non-profit making organization. BRAC means Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee that’s make for development of Bangladesh in 1972. When Bangladesh got independence its facing many challenges. 71% of its population was living under poverty line and 10 million refuges. There was 30% of population on extreme poverty and 40% of women living in purdah they did not contribute in any activity. NGOs encouraged them to think widely and win the world in last 30 year. BRAC founded by Fazle Hasan Abed who was executive accounting. He established BRAC for help to settled refuges. Abed and his colleagues thought that they would have struggled for two or three year then GOVT can complete the development of peoples. But GOVT…show more content…
• BRAC did not believe on Yes Sir. Its also preferred discussion, learning, comments, suggestion. Its management spent most time for listening & observing. • BRAC did not fix all approaches for rural poverty. It also said just help the poor and alleviate the poverty. • BRAC think businesslike for villagers & staff. BRAC provided finance to villagers & staff such as partner or entrepreneurial spirit. • Sustainability an other principle of BRAC. • Checked the improved programs on pilot test if it get success then expand it. • BRAC specially focus on women rights. BRAC had opinion that women and men were equal. They have equal rights. BRAC ware carried three different programs. First is BRAC development program (BDP). BDP eyed on socioeconomic development of women over with access to credit, saving mobilization, capacity development and awareness creation. BDP had held different programs. The names of programs as following: 1.Villager Organization 2.Microfinance 3.Employment and Income Generation(EIG) 4.Social development In all of these programs BRAC provide their agendas, guide the people how to increased their income? And most important provide social awareness about their basic rights and human rights, local community responsibilities,…show more content…
This program is started in 1985 by request of VO members. Because poor families can not sent the children to schools espacilly girls due to expensive studies. BRAC started world largest private school system and recruit 34000 teachers and built schools in near of peoples. Therefore they get success in providing education to 1.1million children in which 66% were girls. BRAC contribute 2% and donors 95% and 3% by families in this education cost price. BRAC built 2200 primary schools 8000 reading centre for girls and 700 libraries. Third program of BRAC was Health, Nutrition and Population program (HNPP). This start in addition of Essential Health Care Program under BDP. HNPP ran 100 health centers, treated 550000 peoples this health center provide services on cost price. Under this program 725000 women get prental treatment and 5million couples get family planning

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