Maritime Learning Style

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CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM Introduction Education has been the platform of most individuals in all aspects of their lives. Our students will always be the catalyst for change and so these students must be train properly in and out of school. Since, these students spending more than eight hours in a school, a teacher or an instructor has a huge impact to them. It has become evident nowadays, that each student has diverse preferred learning styles and each instructor must design and deliver courses to cater the needs of their students. To meet their needs a teacher must incorporate strategies that will lead to increase academic performance of a student which is very useful for their daily living. Each leaner has their own way of learning for…show more content…
This style may not always be use to some tasks nevertheless; it helps us to filter things we need to learn. It is indeed a privilege study for everyone to be aware of their learning styles that will be used to enhance their performance level of their studies especially in maritime field. The researcher would like to dig the root of every individual to tell all the people that surrounds them that each of them learns individually and that is according to their own learning preferences. This is such a great help to help each maritime students to be more productive on their field and that they can achieve more what they have it now. Everyone is entitled to be the catalyst for change which everything must starts with their…show more content…
Academic year. 2017-2018. Specifically, this study aims to answer the following questions: 1.) What are the learning styles of the Maritime students according to Kolb’s learning styles according to: 2.1 Divergers; 2.2 Convergers; 2.3 Accommodators; 2.3 Assimilators? 2.) What recommendations can be drafted from the study? Null Hypothesis Ho: There is no significant relationship between age and learning styles of Maritime students. Significance of the Study The researcher believes that the result and findings of this study are beneficial of the following individuals: Maritime Students. This study is beneficial to the maritime students in which it will help them develop their learning styles by identifying how they learn best, confidence and study well according their way of learning to improve their performance inside the

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