The Importance Of Modern Technology

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Have you ever noticed how fast technology is growing these days? Every day we are offered new products from companies that simplify our daily lives, but what if not everyone is conforming to the trend of updating their technological appliances? Unlike most writers, Wendell Berry doesn’t submit to such a trend to the point where he outright refuses to buy a computer. While I have no intention to judge Berry on his personal preference of writing on a typewriter I definitely agree with him that the tool should perform tasks clearly and demonstrably better than its predecessor and consume less energy, but I also disagree with how the tool should be cheaper than its predecessor. In “Why I Am Not Going to Buy a Computer” Wendell Berry pronounces in an interview why he sticks to using a traditional typewriter instead of assimilating with the modern trend of buying a computer. He expresses his dislike of energy corporations and relying on modern technology to do his work, preferring to…show more content…
In our era of technology, newer features and equipment in modern technology often lead to increased prices due to increased manufacturing costs. For example in Robert Triggs’ article “Have phones become too expensive?” he describes the increase in the price of hardware for Samsung phones from past to new models. According to the article, the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone was valued at $215 in raw materials while the newer Galaxy S7 smartphone is valued at $284, which is about a 32 percent increase. Triggs claims this is due to new materials and features like fingerprint scanners and faster battery charging technology that increase the manufacturing costs of these smartphones. It’s safe to say technology will continue to improve overtime at the expense of a higher

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