Human Rights Investigation Chart

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Human Rights Investigation Chart a) What is the name of the human rights law in Ontario? Ontario's Human Rights Code b) What are the prohibited grounds of discrimination? 1. Race 2. Colour 3. Ancestry 4. Creed (religion) 5. Place of Origin 6. Ethnic Origin 7. Citizenship 8. Sex (including pregnancy, gender identity) 9. Sexual Orientation 10. Age 11. Marital Status 12. Family Status 13. Disability 14. Receipt of Public Assistance c) In addition to employment, what other areas are protected against discrimination? 1. Employment 2. Accommodation (housing) 3. Contracts 4. Goods, services and facilities 5. Membership in unions, trade or professional associations. d) What is the mission of the Ontario Human Rights Commission? The mission of the Ontario…show more content…
The Executive Director’s Office will send you an acknowledgement letter within 3 business days of receiving the complaint.They will attempt to resolve it within 14 business days. If you are happy with the Executive Director’s decision the complaint will be closed. If you are not you can write to the Chief Commissioner. They will then discuss the complaint with the Executive Director or to him/her representative and try to resolve the complaint. Let you provide more information through a call or make a decision through this information they received. The Chief Commissioner will then send you her written…show more content…
2. Use or wear protective devices. Hair nets, rubber gloves, dust masks, aprons, hearing protection, safety boots, and goggles may not be high on the fashion list, but they are standard workplace equipment designed to protect workers from potential hazards in their work.When the employer requires you to wear a protective device, they need to show you how to use or wear it and how to take care of it. Once that's taken place, your job is to use or wear it. Don't remove a guard or device designed to protect you. Wear your safety gear. This isn't only good advice, it's the law. d) Name 3 industries that you are old enough to work in right now. Most factories including restaurant kitchens, automotive service garages, produce and meat preparation or shipping and receiving areas in grocery stores, laundries and warehouses. e) Employers and Supervisors: Explain 5 things that they “shall” do. 1. Make sure that required health and safety training is given to

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