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AIR DEHUMIDIFIER A Review Biren J.Saradava1, Dhairya J. Solanki2 1Faculty of Atmiya Institute of technology and Science, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, *E mail: 2Student of Mechanical Dept. Of Atmiya Institute of technology and Science, Rajkot, Gujarat, India, *E mail: Abstract An Air Dehumidifier can be designed and modeled working on simple principle of dehumidification of compressed air by means of collision with the number of cylinders arranged in series. This dehumidifier will not require any hygroscopic media or absorptive media such as Activated Alumina, Silica gel, Salt tablets, etc. which are used in other dehumidifiers. It does not require any refrigerant which is used in the refrigerated…show more content…
The specific moisture extraction rate was 1.5 kg/kWh of the latent heat. Thus by two stage regeneration of desiccant dryer the efficiency was increased up-to some extent [1]. Another study stated the results by experimentally drying 20 kg of pees and pineapple with the help of desiccant medium and solar radiations. The result obtained was 60% moisture was removed the pees and pineapple slices using desiccant medium and solar radiation during sunshine and off-sunshine hours [2]. 8 kg of chili was dried by using bed of silica gel having moisture content 82%. This experiment was conducted using desiccant bed and solar dryer. The mass flow rate of air was 0.08kg/sec. the temperature was 60℃ the result was the moisture content was reduces to 13% [3]. The vacuum membrane dryer containing five modules having aqueous solution with solid polystyrene micro particles of 7µm was examined. Then the air was made to pass through all the membrane, there were no presence of solid particles found at the outlet and the concentrate of the solid particles at the end was 95%. The final solid content was 98% hence all these five modules were named as vacuum membrane dryer [4]. The performance of the capacitive-type humidity sensors by the diffusion of deliquescent salt of magnesium chloride into thin polyamide sensing film. The results revealed the traces of magnesium chloride on…show more content…
Patrick at Johns Hopkins University, he patented the desiccant kind of material. The material came into existence in 1640’s which was used as the absorptive medium for poisonous gases during the World War-I. This material is generally Silica gel. The desiccant dehumidifier was invented and patented by Hanns F. Arledter, Edward R. Stacy and Clayton E. Bruke in United States on 8th Nov. 1963. While the dehumidifier having deliquescent material was patented by Philip S. Becker in19th April 1996 in United States. This dehumidifier uses hygroscopic media filled in vessel. The material uses salt which have affinity to the moisture. The most common salts are ferric ammonium citrate, potassium hydroxide, etc. The membrane dehumidifier was invented and patented by Ravi Prasad in Praxair Technology Inc. in the year 1993 on 27th April. A two stage membrane dehumidifier employs two stages. The first stage is to remove the water vapor from the air and second stage is to complete the process of dehumidification. Fiedler M. invented the refrigerated dryer and registered it in United States on 27th March 1973. This dehumidifier utilizes the process of refrigeration as it uses refrigerant and compressor. Here the moisture is controlled by condensation of the compressed air. Hence the phase change of the vapor takes place and is converted into liquid. It also consists of condenser coil and evaporator. This dehumidifier is able to deliver the air

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