John Smedley Case Study

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Introduction John Smedley is a luxury heritage brand who manufactures fine-gauge knitwear for men, women and have recently developed a limited edition children’s wear collection of four different styles, two girls designs and two boys designs. The age range for the collection consists of girls and boys ages 2-10. This limited editon collection was inspired by Her Majesty the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh’s visit to John Smedleys Mill. This took place on the 10th of July 2014, thus stating that the children’s range is currently only months old. This collection is currently a small business, however John Smedley has been developing a global product range whilst building the required organization to ensure a successful enterprise. It is beneficial to John Smedley to develop a childrens range now, as opposed to previously because the children’s wear market is expected to exceed $186 billion in 2014. John Smedley is a knitwear retailer based in the UK. The brand’s…show more content…
Each of these competitors are luxury heritage brands all of which are fairly new to children’s wear. John Smedley’s flagship store is located on Brook Street, Mayfair, in Central London which is known for being a heritage neighborhood. John Smedley as a brand goes as far as store location to portray such heritage and prestige. Amongst each competitor it is evident that location is a key part in portraying luxury and status as well as keeping with their traditional values. For instance Stella McCartney is located in Mayfair; on Burton Street. The Burberry flagship store is located on Regent Street in Central London, and the Ralph Lauren’s UK flagship store location is on Bond Street in Central London. Figure 2.1 shows the location of each high-end retailer and how they are located in stylish neighborhoods such as; Chelsea and

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