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7 days in Central Japan Gifu is a landlocked prefecture located in the center of Japan. It is one of the country’s world-class destinations that carries visitors to the past. It is where wooden Machiya houses and other old structures are still being used by current locals. Its many historic towns where time has seemingly stood still since the 1800’s will surely give you a nostalgic feeling. In this 7-day suggested itinerary, you will be able to see much of Gifu's best destinations like Takayama and Shirakawa-go as well as the ancient Nakasendo Highway of Nagano Prefecture. Things to know before travelling in Central Japan: Language - Japanese (Nihongo) is the official language of Japan. For foreign visitors, the language barrier can be intense but this should not be a cause for concern. Every railway stations, bus stations and other transportation options have English signages. Even if you had any difficulty navigating, the Japanese people are very helpful to foreigners. There are also plenty of tourist information centre, usually located in JR offices. It is, however, recommended to learn a few words and phrases because this can go a very long way in Japan, just like in any other countries.…show more content…
When entering temples or castles, it is almost always a must to take off your shoes. If there are rows of footwear by the door, it’s a clear sign to remove your shoes. If you are going to visit temples and shrines, remember to dress modestly. On trains and buses, it is considered rude to speak loudly or to speak on your

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