Push And Pull Factors

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In this section, the (push and pull factors) that are responsible for the migration of Africans and African students in particular will be analyzed. The push and pull factors will help us to understand in broad terms the reasons to why and how African students as well as other migrants from Africa have decided to migrate and then decides to remain in their host country after a certain period. However, the responds from the interviews for this thesis will give an empirical evidence, reasons and understanding to why these students have decided to leave their country of origin and then decide to stay back in their host country (Sweden) after the completion of their studies. 4.1 The Push and Pull Factors The main reasons for brain drain can generally…show more content…
As the living conditions in a country decline, many of these professionals as well as students tend to look for opportunities in other parts of the world. A country with a weak economy, high unemployment rate and high rate of corruption, low salary rates, and a high of poverty level within its society is prone to the brain drain phenomenon. On the other hand, when the unemployment level is high in the society, the future graduates as well as students tend to look for opportunities elsewhere. However, the political situation in many countries can also be seen as a contributing factor to the emigration of many citizens, as well as contributing also to the decisions of many students to leave for studies abroad. The Red Terror in Ethiopia, genocide in Rwanda, and the civil war in DRC are a few examples within many of the conflicts in Africa that is associated with political and security issues in Africa (Shinn, 2008). The poor human rights practices, absence of academic freedom and illegal regime changes in many of these Africa countries also contributes to the increase in the level of brain…show more content…
The lack of research and training facilities, morale and job satisfaction, and human resources management policies, is another area that contributes mostly to the brain drain of student from developing continent such as Africa into developed world such as Europe. The relationship between the government and the universities in Africa is also very hostile. The governments are mostly in control of the universities, and their tight control makes the university administration have a minimal involvement in the education policies. According to Chimanikire, 2002, “Most Sub-Saharan Africa do not have particularly friendly working environments, strong budgets, clear policies or generous research funds and there is often no national policy for or even little investment in science and technology” (Chimanikire, 2002, Pg:

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