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Anna Veltkamp Mr. Dittmar American History The Killer Angels essay 9 October, 2014 The Killer Angels Written by Michael Shaara, The Killer Angels takes place during one of America's darkest eras... during the War of Brothers. The War Between the States,. The War of Freedom,. Most commonly known as The Civil War. Starting in 1861, this war drug out over an excruciating four year period...ending in 1865. Written in 1974, The Killer Angels tells the tale of a most famous battle during this war. The Battle of Gettysburg, fought over a course of four days. The Civil War began its tempest under the impression of lasting only a few months at most, fought to keep the States in one piece as President Abraham Lincoln was elected the Republican president…show more content…
Neither have definite knowledge of when the other will strike, nor if they could sustain an attack themselves. Times when leading characters catch snippets of fresh information on the opposing side, or periods of remembering their lives before the war are spread throughout this emotion-packed novel to give a reader the realization that these men are humans. They did not just go to war and fight because that was what they did; these men were uncles or fathers or sons or cousins or husbands with families back home. And they missed their families dearly. Each man had his own sorrows, and each man carried great burdens in their hearts knowing they were fighting and killing another being just the same as them. The men fighting in these armies faced not only emotional turmoil but physical hardship as well. The troubles they faced are almost unnamable. Sickness, wounds, malnutrition and fatigue were commonly found amongst the soldiers. These men fought not with their guns but with every part of their being. They gave their all to this…show more content…
Chamberlain is speaking to Tom when the battle suddenly begins with an artillery barrage. Chamberlain then falls to the ground for cover, and soon falls asleep. He wakes and sleeps in a surreal state. As Armistead and the soldiers line up to charge, they are almost amiable while polka-music plays in the back ground. Armistead and his men charge, and they are quickly killed by Union canisters. As Confederate soldiers retreat, Longstreet sits angrily, noticing Lee hatless and consoling his soldiers. Longstreet and the Confederates soon begin realizing that the battle is over… as Union troops cheer with a raised captured flag of Virginia, Longstreet tries to ride towards them. But his staff prevents him from doing so, and he realizes he cannot even quit now. Later, as Lee tries to console Longstreet by telling him there will be another day, Longstreet comments that he cannot keep leading men to their deaths pointlessly. After discussing this, Longstreet leaves to say farewell, and then orders the retreat. The Union had

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