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Jacob Wyatt Ms. Hughes English IV 14 October 2014 One of the most troubling things a golfer faces is spending money on fixing clubs and equipment. What if you could fix your own golf clubs so you could save lots of money and make the game a lot more enjoyable? Golf used to not be able to be played for money but now every single professional tournament is played for money. On average each Professional Golf Association event also known as the “PGA Tour” has a purse of about 10 million dollars which awards the winner around 1.5 million dollars. At the end of the season, which lasts from January to September, there is an event called the FedEx Cup which has a huge purse and the winner gets 11 million dollars. Since golf has been around there have…show more content…
Scotty Cameron is the finest putters that are made. Some are affordable by the public but they rare ones are what the tour players use. Scotty Cameron is owned by Titleist and new models are produced every two years just like the golf clubs. Odyssey is a cheaper putter that is owned by Callaway. Many models are sold and will continue to be sold. They come out with a new putter 6 times a year on average. Seemore is a small company that is owned by a company called Srixon. Even though not many people have these putters because they are expensive, they have the most loyal customers just like Scotty Cameron. Edel is a custom made putter line that you have to visit to create your own putter. Many people like that aspect and love the way they are made. They are not very expensive but are great putters. Aerodynamics is a huge factor in the production of golf clubs. Supposedly the faster you can swing a club through the air then the farther you can hit it. An example is if you swung an oar through the air it would catch the air and slow it down. If you swung a baseball bat it cuts through the wind. The golf club head shape and the golf club head size is a huge factor. The main rivalry for the best driver on tour is between Titleist, Ping, and Taylormade. Some of the other companies that make drivers that are just as good but they do not sell near as

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