Marbles Case Study

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TASK ONE PART 1 : INTRODUCTION For task 1 in our project we need to analysis one of the small toys that available in the market. Two things that we emphasized in our analysis is manufacturing tecnology aspects and process that involved in producing the marbles. A brief introduction about marbles, it’s a spherical toy usually made of glass, clay, steel, plastic or agate. But most of the marble that produce in the market today is usually made of recycled glass that mostly acquired from glass factory. This is because glass is inexpensive material, durable and beautifull as it’s have shinning surface. Through a few research on the internet, we found that there are many techniques in producing marbles. But in our analysis we focus on…show more content…
Where first, the raw materials is melt in the kiln under high temperature. The range of the temperature is around 1243℃ to 1250℃ and were keep in the kiln for 60 hours. The molten than is cut into a specific size slug and transfer into the spinning cast iron roll where the molten is roll to form spherical shape. The rolling of the cast iron avoid the slug from sticking and the given pressure to the slug shape it into spherical shape. The hot marbles than been through a channel to separate the to big and to small marbles from the right size marbles. After that, the selective marbles is let cool for 72 hours and the rejected marbles is made as the raw material again. From a short explanation about marbles producing process,we can say that the marbles production process are divide into 3 phases, melting, shaping and evaluation, before…show more content…
They usually less than an inch in diameter and are designed colorful in purpose to be beautiful and attractive. Beside as toys for children, marbles also have numerous industrial uses as well such as, in the can of spray paint that make noise sound and is used in the road sign as translucent letters and numbers. Marbles also used in automotive bodies and draperies. Glass marbles, is the most commonly version of the object today and the reason glass is being used as the raw material of the production of marbles because it affordable cost beside it can make beautiful pattern of marbles. Before, the machine of skew rolling machine being produced as main manufacture of marble, they used a resembles tong with small cup on one end and a slicing device on other. A molten glass rod would be forcefully inserted into the cup, and the worker would then twist the cup, which would help form the sphere of the marble. Squeezing the tongs shut sliced off the rest of the glass. Such marbles can be identified by their pontil marks, the two tiny tags at each end of the sphere where the cooling glass was severed from the rest of the rod. The objects were further cooled inside a wooden barrel and then taken up with an iron spoon and inserted into an annealing oven, a process which yielded a tougher piece of process which yielded a tougher piece of glass not likely to break or

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