How Will You Measure Your Life Essay

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The article “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Dr. Clayton M. Christensen provides guidelines to adapt business strategies in life. Nowadays, people live busy and they sometimes miss out their own value of life. Importance of the things they would have once said matter the most, such as family and spouse, are more often forgotten, and now people tend to focus more on things that would bring immediate tangible outcomes to them, such as working. In contrast, events that does not have tangible accomplishments, like spending time with family or taking care of their child, are often left out as it does not bring deteriorating results instantaneously. Clayton is implying us that strategies should not only be applied in works, but should also present in life. Therefore in the end, it can be judged successful. In order to share some of the general approaches to successfully measure life, Clayton, the professor of the HBR, set the guidelines that would help…show more content…
He stated that once you have consistent resolution of life, there is higher chance to create the right strategy. Different people have different goal in life. It would be hard and time-consuming with some opportunity costs to find out clear goal but it is worthy upon all the efforts. Life goals would keep you up in the right track and lead you to do things that would take you closer to it. Also, it gives ideas on how and what you should concentrate in life. As an example, if your goal of life is to be an actor, you would gather more information about the job, obtain ways and knowledge about it, go to acting school, learn acting, practice and focus on improving your acting skills and concentrate more on them than other things. Without goals, you would lose way, be confused about what you should really do with your life and you might end up in unwanted destination of life like a “Sailor without a

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