Amnesty International Human Rights Issues

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The Non Governmental Organization that works for human rights issues that I researched on is Amnesty International. When it comes to the obligation of human rights campaign, propagation, and spokesperson, Amnesty International is a household name all across the world. With membership spanning across 150 countries and a global supporters network of about 7 million people, Amnesty International has become the world’s leading advocate championing human rights enforcement and protection all over the world. In 1977, Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because of its anti-torture campaign, as well as the United Nations Prize for human rights. Wikipedia (last modified 2015 November 15) Amnesty International [Encyclopedia] Retrieved…show more content…
Lasting over the past decade, Amnesty International and its partners made rigorous arms control work through prolonged campaigns and persistent lobbying. The purpose of this campaign was to significantly limit arms proliferation that aid conflicts and crimes and political oppression resulting to considerable loss of lives and destruction of valuable property. On the 24th December, a global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) was ratified as international law, which is a huge achievement in the crusade to protect human rights and save countless lives. The treaty mandates the prohibiting and discontinuation of arms trade by a country to any arms purchaser if it is certain such weapons would be used to commit atrocities like genocide, war crimes etc. All countries signed-up to the Arms Trade Treaty are held in compliance to the law. About 78 countries are currently signed-up of the Arms Trade Treaty. Amnesty Interntional. Arms Control. Retrieved from…show more content…
Some of the challenges experienced by Amnesty International include the following: 1. Funding. Amnesty International is a non-profit organization and it relies heavily on the donations of its supporters to keep up with its operations. Due to the fact that its operations run globally and financial resources are limited, this puts a limit on its functional capacity. Hence, it tries to partially make up for this challenge through its volunteer service program. 2. Defamation. Due to their rigorous campaigns and persistent lobbying for the protection and enforcement of human rights globally, Amnesty International often finds itself on a collision course with armed groups across the world, particularly military forces of countries that practice human rights violations with impunity. Such forces usually fight back in malicious ways after their barbaric acts of human rights abuses are exposed by Amnesty International. They often tend to malign the image and ridicule the integrity of Amnesty International as a global human rights

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