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What are X-rays? X-rays are electromagnetic waves with short wavelengths and higher energy than normal light. They are able to go through lots of materials in clear light. How are x-rays made? X-rays are made when high-energy electron hit a large metal target. The hot filament releases the electrons; a high voltage increases their speed towards a metal target. X-rays are then created from the collision of electrons with the nuclei of the metal target and atoms. What are x-rays used for? The most common use of x-rays is in hospitals to check for broken or fractured bones, x-rays are also used to check for tumors in the body. Another use is for CAT scans, this generates a 3D imagine rather than 2D. X-rays can be used for fluoroscopy, this lets the doctor the internal structure via a motion picture. 3) What is ultrasound? Ultrasound is a wave in the electromagnetic spectrum; it is a wave between 20- 20000Hz. It is unable to be heard by the human ear. What uses does ultrasound have? It can be used to measure blood flow by measuring the speed of it. It can look into liver and heart problems as well as breaking down stones inside the body (kidney stones). The most common use is to check a foetus. How is ultrasound produced? The image above shows an ultrasound transducer. They send ultrasound waves and can detect sound and…show more content…
Depending on the amount of voltage running through the crystal depends if the crystal with expand or shrink. As the current runs through the crystal it causes high-speed vibrations and results in the production of ultrasound. This is the piezoelectric effect. The sound reflects back off the object and hits the crystal creating the reverse effect, causing mechanical energy to change into electrical energy. If you measure the time between the sent sound and received sound, the amplitude of the sound and pitch the computer produced

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