Literature Review Of Recruitment System

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CHAPTER 1 RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES Recruitment system is a very crucial function of the management The influence of teachers on their students is beyond compare. Oftentimes there is a conflict between the parent authority and the teacher authority. The children lean more on teacher’s ideas and they learn easily and copy heartily anything the teacher shares with them. It is an everlasting effect. They directly affect how students learn, what they learn, how much they learn and the ways they interact with one another and the world around them. Therefore, teachers are considered to be very important factor in one’s total personality development. An educational institution is empty without the presence of teachers. They are considered the prime…show more content…
What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the recruitment strategies in private schools? 5. What innovative strategy may be formulated by private schools? Scope and Delimitation This study is delimited to the recruitment system in the private basic education schools in Sorsogon City, School Year 2015-2016. The recruitment system is limited to the evaluation of the following aspects of the applicant’s qualification in terms of physical, attitudinal, educational, social, mental and economic aspects. It also determined the innovative strategies which may be formulated by private basic education schools under study and the level of effectiveness of the different strategies used. The respondents of this study were taken from 5 private schools offering preschools and elementary grade levels represented by the 5 school administrators and 5 principals with a total of 10 respondents. Conceptual Framework This study tried to determine the recruitment system in five private basic education schools in Sorsogon City, School Year 2015-2016. Effective recruiting requires that the organization know the needs and desires of potential candidate regarding all major characteristics of the…show more content…
It helps not only the individual employee to acquire learning to improve his job but it aims to develop him for some future jobs within the organization, particularly those involving the exercise of managerial functions and solve organization-wide problems and concerns. It combines formal training, practical work experience and other educational

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