Mobile Wallet Literature Review

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LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter will contain a review of the platform architecture for mobile development, a review of existing mobile Wallet applications, and a review of existing retail shopping applications. Mobile phone usage has increased tremendously over the past few years and there are 3.5 times more mobile phones than PC’s (Gandhewar, 2010). Mobile phones are not just used for conventional purposes like texting or calling, phones are used for other purposes like entertainment, gathering information and many other important things. The mobile wallet is the newest form of mobile payment that enables users to share content and access services as well as conduct payments and ticketing transactions. Simply put, a mobile wallet is the…show more content…
It is therefore in this section that am going to pay special attention when reviewing already existing mobile wallet application as well as carefully looking into their advantages and disadvantages for this system and lastly may be challenging to Implement some of these mobile application in our country Zambia and Africa at large. Even if Near Field Communication is a new technology which is being implemented, it has really captured attentions of many technological experts in the field of software Engineering and as far as technology is concerned. There are many application which have being tested for NFC and have being proven that if implemented at its full potential , it can really revolutionize the way we do business and how we use cash in our everyday lives. And the Five Existing System that I reviewed in relation to my project are as follows: Apple…show more content…
Moreover, Instead of this application having the same functionality and following the route of Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other Mobile Wallet Designs, Samsung Pay usually follows the different pattern and actually does things in a very unique way. With other mobile applications (Apple pay and Google Wallet) there is need to identify a specific NFC terminal in order for the application to work. But instead Samsung pay works with any standard card terminal. In actual sense that’s the most killer feature of this application. This app does not use NFC. Instead it actually simulates a card which is compatible with any Standard terminal, irrespectively weather the Stores wires or not. This in the actual sense means that this application is supported by many considerably a large number of stores without them realizing it. And it is also compatible with a lot of platforms than its competition, even if it’s just currently in the United States of America and requires support from the bank and the

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