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“We are the Happy Camp family,” exclaimed the members of the Happy Camp, He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin at the beginning of each episode. Every Saturday, Chinese families will be gathering together and watch this show. This marvelous show not only is entertaining, but they share laughter and tear, gaining knowledge, and spending time with the celebrities. Normally I just watch Asian shows and rarely watch American shows because it’s the only way that I can continue to learn about my heritage. Happy Camp is one of my favorite shows because I get to know the celebrities from China and Korea and learn about a lot of things that I don’t know. It also is a comedy show that can relives your stress when you feel overwhelmed. Each of the members is…show more content…
They have created many games that are connected with acting to improve acting skills, singing with music skills, magic, dancing, exercising, cooking, etc. Before the end of the show, they will have a Chemistry Experiment Time, which they will learn various kinds of challenge assignments, like going to the very top with tall and skinny stool to wear clothing less than two minutes, go around the equipment without getting shock by the electricity, several experiences with a lot of exercising, and more. In the Chemistry Experiment Time, there is a guy named Xiaohei who wear all black and glasses who doesn't smile at all but is very good at these experiments because he created them with his teammates and share it with the members and the celebrities. They will try it first before they will introduce it to make sure that it was safe. These experiments had taught us to take risk to challenge our live. The Happy Camp members also will be asking several questions to the celebrities that seem related to our job and real life to share with other people. It's a great place for
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