Essay On Strong Faith

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Weak Faith – We can all agree that everyone comes to a crossroad in their life where they have to make a choice that will affect your life. We are a diverse planet and everyone comes from a different walk of life and has different levels of maturity in their walk with their religion or choice of worship. What we most have in common is everyone that contains even the littlest of faith is tested. When we are being tested, we become doubtful. As a result, our minds start to wander. We think the worse and it is as if the world has ended. Every man has some type of weakness. Those weaknesses may differ from one another and some may be the same. In our times of testing, we are put through the fiery furnace to the temperature that God wants us to be at to get to a point where we then see His glorious works in our lives. If we were never tested, we would never grow. We do not stay weak. As a result we obtain a little bit…show more content…
To become strong in faith, there must be a fresh knowledge of the word of God. We must take our learning to a higher level. We must study more of the word. Strong Faith is trusting in the Lord, trusting with all your heart, mind, soul, and body. With strong Faith you will practice establishing a life of thankfulness. You find yourself giving the Glory to Yahweh more in your walk. You begin to come more with a thankful heart. Hence, you will start realizing who God really is and you begin to stand up tall and face your fears, your adversities with more power and authority. When all hope is lost and you don’t think that there is not a bone in your body that you don’t think that you will make it and you become that “lost sheep” with your Faith in the Lord He will find you and He shall make you whole. Standing on the Word of Yahweh, and just simply trusting in Him will build your Faith to be strong. Certainly you can begin in your Great
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