Essay On Effects Of Prostitution On Human Trafficking

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Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of legalizing prostitution on human trafficking influx. In our country the Islamic nation of Pakistan, once restricted to dark pathways and small red-light districts, it is now flowing into many neighbourhoods of country's urban centres. Demand for illegal sex has grown with lust for money and corruption in the society and more women are being compelled into the trade. Improving a neighbourhood, instead of offering education and opportunities, appears to be at the element of early failures to suppress the emerging sex industry. This mistake would become a predictive error as now the tendrils of the sex trade have been widespread in cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and almost everywhere around the Globe. By endorsing these immoral activities and not taking any action against it, we are actually legalizing prostitution. Whereas the scale effect of legalized prostitution leads to an inflation of the prostitution market, increasing human trafficking. On average, countries where prostitution is legal experience…show more content…
This is of course illegal everywhere: it’s repeated rape just as primarily. It is also abdominable and we should indeed be doing everything possible to put an end to it. Also the illegal movement of willing people across borders to enter the sex trade. Strange as it may seem there really are people who wish to be prostitutes. People would, other things being equal, similarly like to be in a country where they get tons of money for their trade rather than very little. Given these two reports we wouldn’t be surprised if people from third world countries, who wish to be in the sex trade, will move from those poorer countries to better countries. And such is the system of immigration laws that many of them will be unable to do this through right means: just as with so many who wish to enter other trades and professions in the rich

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