Literature Review On Bullying In Schools

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Introduction “Zhain Abu-Baker (18) from Shallcross was nearly killed by two fellow school pupils on July 22. They allegedly used a professional wrestling manoeuvre called the “piledriver” to knock his head into concrete-covered ground.”(Erasmus, 2013) While there are several talks around the prohibition of violence in schools this issue still penetrates and causes havoc among adolescents. Besides the repercussions of bullying it’s vital to note that bullying also infringes on an individual’s human rights. There are several forms of bullying such as physical bullying (violence), verbal bullying, covert bullying and cyberbullying. While all these forms of bullying are relevant to education and schooling I will mainly draw on bullying as a form…show more content…
To address this issue I will compile an extensive literature review based on bullying taking into account both local and intentional literature from 1993 to 2013, by reflecting on my experiences and observations I will highlight the affects and developments of this issue in the South

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