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Literature review Source 1 Title: Geografika Nusantara Author: Geografika Nusantara Date updated: 2 February 2012 Title of home page: An Application of Place Theory, Merangin District, Sumatra URL: Date accessed: 24 January 2016 Summary of source: This article is about the agriculture capital of Merangin district in Sumatra, in Bangko. It has a natural classification of market areas; the main market is the distribution center with high-order goods surrounded by smaller markets with low-order goods. In order to expand the district, developers had to adapt the Central Place Theory. There are 9 sub-districts that are not balanced in…show more content…
It showed that the main activity of a place happens at the center and that all other activities focus around this center. I hope to conclude in my research that there is a main matric vacation destination and all vacation activities revolve around or near to this main…show more content…
They use threshold and range to classify centers in Washington. They conclude that the centers don’t agree with the concept of the central place theory because of factors such as age, purchasing power, density, economic situation of consumers and urban hierarchy levels. One geographer, Anthony Goss, classified shopping centers into three groups: a town center providing higher-order goods, district center and isolated shops providing lower-order goods. Town centers still have competition and outside effects on them. The hierarchy levels give geographers an idea on where to build the centers. In Washington a new law has been set out for businesses to be placed in centers according to their level of performance. Based on three levels: local business providing services to people in 1km, a community business serving people 2.5km away and central business which are commercial and industrial zones. As a whole it seems like people use parts of the Central Place Theory but don’t show respectful it. They say the theory has limitations yet provides a good

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