Summary Of Jimmy Carter's Foreword To Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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In Foreword to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of life and land, a photographic journey, Jimmy Carter synthesizes a compelling dissertation that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is a great wilderness which should not be replaced by industrial facilities. Although some detractors may believe the ANWR can bring economic benefit from oil resources beneath it, the arguments, set forth in the artical dismiss such romantic critics as excessively dogmatic in their provincial ideology. One of the broader notions presented in the essay is that the ANWR comes to symbolize American heritage. Carter deftly delivers a cogent argument to sway his readers by capitalizing emotional appeal, implying broad repercussions, and using stark contrast.…show more content…
From the outset, Carter refers to the ANWR as "America's last truly great wilderness" (Carter 1). He emphasizes that there is no refuge in America which possesses genuine wild natural beauty as the ANWR. He attracts collective passions of all American for the last priceless gift of Mother Nature, and this factor itself lay the groundwork for Carter to successfully deploy his argument later. Continuing this trend of using emotional attraction to further his argument, Carter mentions his surprising feeling when observed a spectacle of "the migration of tens of thousands of caribou with their newborn calve" (Carter 3) which went beyond his imagination. By showing his striking sensation by magnificence of the ANWR, Carter effectively manipulate the public's mind into faith in unique grandness of the ANWR. Latching onto exploiting passionate allurement is a brilliant strategy that adds significant weight to Carter's argument about protecting the beauty of the

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