Why Is Abraham Lincoln The Best President

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Over the past centuries America has dealt with many different leaders that we call presidents. When classifying our presidents, each show characteristics of leadership, honesty, connectivity,persistence, and intelligence. Some presidents show these traits more than others. Though topic is highly debated, the best representation of those traits were shown in our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln portrayed those traits in many ways causing him to make a great impact on the country resulting in him being the best president of America. One great characteristic that every president must represent is leadership . Abraham Lincoln showed leadership in many different ways. Being the first antislavery president had many effects on Lincoln. When first being elected in to office, "the states that disapproved of his appointment made it clear that they would leave the union"(Michael…show more content…
Honesty is another strong characteristic that makes up a good president. Abraham Lincoln was known to be so honest he was given the nickname honest Abe. Many people know that fact but many do not know why. Before he was elected president is when Lincoln earned the nickname; he was working as a store clerk and if he ever shorthanded a customer he would close shop and walk however far no matter what to deliver the right change(Burlingame 1). This later led to people "[recognizing] his integrity and [people] were soon asking him to act as a judge or a mediator in various contests, fights, and arguments"(Burlingame 1). This is a good characteristic as president because it gains trust for the people supporting and to Lincoln that was important. He used his honesty throughout his term, he used it when explaining to his commanders and also when dealing with politics. By being so honest shows that he was the best president, the people he was leading rusted him and his actions making it easier to win the war an making

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