Polygamous Marriage In Islam

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After Khadija’s death, the Prophet (PBUH) had numerous wives. Islam did not invent the system of polygamy; it existed long before the message of Islam came into the world. The pervious Prophets (PBUH) such as Abraham, Jacob, David, and Solomon practiced polygamous marriage. Islam improved polygamous marriage by having certain guidelines that made it more humane and equal to the rights of all wives. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a polygamous marriage with many wives during the last 13 years of his life. The reason behind these marriages was not for love, it was either for political, social and religious reasons. He needed to build alliances through marriage, as it was customary in tribal affair to seal the treaties through marriage. For instance, Muhammad (PBUH) married Aisha the daughter of Abu Bakr and Hafsa the daughter of Umar who are the closest Companions how later became caliphs…show more content…
He wanted to teach society to be compassionate to them as they need to be respected, protected and cared for. The Prophet (PBUH) gave them honor by giving the mother of the believers. The mother of believers would contribute a lot to Islam during the Prophet’s (PBUH) life and after his death. They would pass the legacy of the Prophet (PBUH) to the next generation as they have lived with Prophet (PBUH) himself. According to Elnadi, that the Prophet’s wives contributed a lot to Islam as they help spread it. Further more, the mothers of believers have attributed about more than 3,000 Hadith, narrations and Prophetic traditions to his wives alone . The Prophet (PBUH) gave women in Islam a voice through his wives, which made Muslim women strong. To sum up, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had a polygamous marriage due to political, social, and religious

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