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RODION ROMANOVITCH RASKOLNIKOV PROFILE Why The question that follows throughout the entire novel is why he murders Alyona and Lizaveta. Factors such as his surroundings and mental state play in but ultimately there is no simple reason as to why. Emotional State Raskolnikov is young and handsome, which nurtures his pride, he is condescending, and disconnected emotionally from the rest of society. “‘I want to attempt a thing like that, and am frightened by these trifles’ he thought, with an odd smile” (page 2). Raskolnikov’s first mention of murder reveals a lot about him, his tone implies a curious and eerie manner and his referring to the crime as “a thing like that” shows his inability to completely come to terms with such an idea. Physical…show more content…
In committing such an exceptional act and going above social norms he thought he could prove himself exceptional. However this justification fails him when he sees he does not actually measure up to his “superman” theory and the realization that he is not the “superman” he once thought himself to be leaves him unfulfilled. This understanding that he is just human is the beginning towards his…show more content…
It is an important piece of literature because of the themes it is shared through. Violence evidently plays a large role in the novel as it focuses on crime and vice. It is Raskolnikov who commits the central crime in the novel, murdering and robbing Alyona Ivanovna as well as her sister Lizaveta. “He was positively going now for a ‘rehearsal’ of his project, and at every step his excitement grew more and more violent” (page 4). Alyona herself, who beats her sister, is guilty of criminality. Criminality is seen through most of the characters. Svidrigailov, a child molester who also attempts to seduce Dunya, is alleged to have poisoned his late wife. Sonia, a prostitute, with a mother who beats her children and a drunken father who is unable to hold a steady income. Dostoevsky capably uses violence and criminality in the majority of his character’s lives and keeps these two themes central throughout the

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