Romanticism In The Romantic Period

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Learning Journal: Week 1: Romanticism: • Rose in the 1790s in Germany and Britain, and in the 1820s in France and elsewhere, it is known as the Romantic Movement or Romantic Revival • Writers of the time thought of them self as free spirits that wrote of the imaginative truth within them self, and repudiated the aristocratic way of life. • The creative imagination occupied the centre of Romantic views of art Writers and texts: William Blake: Songs of Innocence, Lewis: Tales of Terror Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility Complementary information: The Romantic period was filled with historical events that have changed the society we live in today. Poplawski’s Literature in context gives us a good overview over the period and its events.…show more content…
In the Romantic period you see class becoming more specific and the term middle class appears. While during the Victorian time it changes again from Gentlemen not working, to them having to take up paid work in order to keep their lands and wealthy situations, which would have been unheard off previously. When it comes to the literature itself we see the Romantic authors using imagination and writing from that while during the Victorian period realism was highly valued. We also see nature becoming a central aspect of literature during the Romantic period while during the Victorian period art is a lot more focussed on the indoors life. In the Victorian period we see the novel grow, essays and periodicals circulation increased drastically. ‘The Expansion of print culture enabled a wide range of prose writing to flourish’. (Paul Poplawski, p 455). I think it is very interesting to see that the industrial revolution impacted the realistic indoor focus of the Victorian…show more content…
First I searched for both terms in the Oxford dictionary database, where I ended up using The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms and The Oxford companion to English Literature. Thereafter I looked for both terms in Poplawski’s English Literature in context, and while I found a good description for the closet drama in Poplawski’s book, I struggled more with finding anything in regards to Sci-Fi. Sky-Fi seems to be more regarded like a genre within other genres in the book, and not as its own, which I must say I find a bit strange considering how popular it actually is as a genre. My theory in regards to Sci-Fi is that it is provoked by peoples need to know more, as evolution and science grew stronger, the more knowledge did people need, and thereby opened up a very different market for authors. Closet drama on the other hand would have been a way for the authors to bring up questions, themes and issues that they would not have been able to bring up if it were to be performed on stage at the

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