Argumentative Essay On Medicinal Marijuana

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Imagine a world where a modest plant can help improve the world as we know it. A plant that many people misunderstand and some understand all too well. This plant is commonly known as marijuana, or cannabis as others may call it. The debate over marijuana legalization for medicinal uses has been a very extensive and troubling one. There is always that one heinous aspect that prevents making a big progressive choice like this. Frankly, I believe that medicinal marijuana use is inconspicuous and people should be more open to the positive benefits of it. Medicinal marijuana should be legalized because it provides an alternative form of treatment for various diseases, expands the economy, and decreases criminal activity. Being that the main reason for legalizing medicinal marijuana would be for its medical use, the list of possible treatments is untold.…show more content…
It can create a countless amount of jobs and generate tax revenue for the government. Some may think that this aspect would make the government more susceptible to the legalization, but that is not entirely true. In a country where substances like tobacco and alcohol remain lawful, highly controlled, and highly lucrative, it’s astounding to observe that marijuana is still placed in the dishonorable category. Annual Trade in Marijuana in the U.S. is estimated at $113 billion and tax revenue about $45 billion for government, much more than many other crops, such as corn and wheat. Without being able to regulate and monitor the sale of marijuana, tax authorities miss out on municipal, state, and federal taxes that could fund a broad assortment of initiatives (Smith S.). Previously stated, the job opportunities are numerous in this industry. From cultivation, to retail, to marketing, and even edibles production, the medicinal marijuana industry can produce as much as 35, 000 opportunities to those seeking

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