The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Deaf People

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Have you your self what is deafness? We all know that deafness is something bad happen but its sometime have an advantage and disadvantages although our technology made for deaf people something to help them in there normal life so deafness is something happen for a person that make him don’t hear and there are type of deafness such as “conductive deafness” which mean that the sound don’t go through his ear clearly “sensori- neural deafness” which mean that a person has from the first a problem in the cochlea. And they’re some who has the both an ear glue to hear clearly and have problem in the cochlea. In this essay I argue that the technology help deaf people in their life. Firstly, the Symptoms of deafness is, when you are watching TV or…show more content…
Advantages it can help you to hear good if you are a deaf person and help you in your life and the disadvantages, which imagine you are charging your ear every day and putting for it a battery to work this is what happen when you wear hearing aids it have an expensive battery which not every people available having this hearing aids. To be aware before deafness, to people who are working in public place that have loud noise I advise every person to wear an ear protection which decries the amount of noise that come through your ear as shown in picture…show more content…
Technology takes a role by helping the deaf people to hear better to make their life better an easer and also, the technology help kids to hear with hearing aids and make for them a better life with an technological hearing

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