Focus Learner Case Study

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1. Grade Level: 2 grade 2. Integrated content areas: ELA English Language Art-Knowledge of Language and use of English Grammar 3. Learning segment title: Chips and Chesse and Nanas”s Knees- 4. Description of learning segment: Language Coventions of Standard English Student will learn and use knowlege of English Language using proper Englishh Grammar when writing reading,listening or speaking . Student with IEP program and ELL (Focus learner 1- 2) will learn how to improve listening, writing, reading and speaking.. Jasper: Focus learner (2) - He is a visual learner student. Jasper golas include read CVC words fluently, decode 2 syllable words ,read a short paragraph, add and substratc to 20. Sit with a group for up to 20 minutes,…show more content…
Main focus learning goals for japer is to improve his level of comprahension, practice of writing, reading, speaking nad listening Build self control when argue with others. Based on japers interest, the teacher will introduce activities through computer using games and music to give him the confidence to complete tasks independetly . 7.2 Learning Objective 2 • What is the learning objective for the whole class instruction? What standard or standards is it designed to meet? The students will learn how to formulate better choices and apply it, Enhance their comprehension of the English rules and styles when reading and writing.Student will learn to use the art of speaking and listening as an important English language skill. NYCCS ELA English Language What is learning Objectie 1 for Focus learner (FL- 1? (Based on the case story provided, explain your reasons for learning objective being the same, modified, or different. If objective is modified or different write out Objectie that will be applied to(FL-1). Maria learning objective has been modifed Maria will learn using Rhythmic words playout through the computer so she can remember how to apply the propper usage of English words in a…show more content…
Each student will be assigned to a group to use their knwolege and put it into practice in a listening and speaking matters. This practice also will encourage students to interact and help each other. Teacher will take active participation with the studenst. Teacher will give positive reinforcement through positive completemenst for the studenst effort. For each of the learning objectives addressed in this lesson, discuss how each of the co-teachers will monitor and provide feedback to students on the progress of their learning. 13. Co-teaching Approach Used: Alternative teaching Teacher and support teacher will work together to make decisions and organize the lesson plans for the entire class and IEP students. The lead teacher will implement the formal teaching to the whole class.The support teacher will implement the activities to assist the whole class. The main teacher will be in charge to read to the studenst while the assistant teacher will present visual and auditorial tools to help student to complete the

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