Farmer Is The Perfect Profession Essay

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Farmer, the perfect profession? Deciding what to work as is always a very difficult issue and it has become even more challenging with the raising in unemployment and the precocity of new jobs. This remarks the need for new ways of getting ends met. But, what if the perfect job is not a new one and is one that has been there since the beginning of times, farming. Becoming a farmer is a viable option, as it is going to be seen in this text. A farmer is a person who owns a farm and or takes care of it . Farmers normally perform two kinds of professional activities: one is related with animals and the other with plants. The first one includes all the process of breeding livestock, such as cattle, sheep, pig and goats. On the other hand we have the work of agriculture; it consists on the growing of different kinds of plants for human or animal and products used for human life.…show more content…
Studying at the college of agriculture is optional, but be sure that you will need to study. The essential knowledge demanded is mainly related with plants: the climatology of the place you are going to perform your activity, for example, you cannot grow tropical plants in Siberia; the growing cycle of the different crops; the illnesses they can have, and, how to treat them; additional nutrients that plants need for a better growing. You can learn all of this through the Internet or asking people who is actually working on the field. You will also need to attend different lectures on phytosanitary because a special certificate for its use is needed . The most important factor that you will need to become a farmer is soil. You need to grow your crops somewhere, there is no necessity to buy thousands of hectares but you can rent some piece of land. In order to exploit the soil, machinery such as tractors, cultivator and ploughs are

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