Assignment 3

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As a supervisor should you treat everyone the same? What is your reason? I think if I were a supervisor I would treat everyone with respect but I would not treat everyone the same in terms of supervision. In the workplace, people have different learning and personality styles. For example, I am a visional learning thus, if I had a supervisor I would not prefer to be taught my role in the workplace through audio learning. Therefore, if I were a supervisor I would learn the different styles of the staff in order for everyone to comprehend instructions, roles or rules. In addition, people interpret information differently and prefer to be treated differently by the supervisor. For instance, some people prefer to be treated as independent agent and others need more attention from their supervisor. Briefly describe a time when you confronted a negative behavior from a colleague/classmate? How did it go? What could you do better? I think that I had to confront a negative behavior from a classmate was in my undergraduate year that I had to be…show more content…
For instance, in chapter 3 contracting refer to the staff getting to know the supervisor and expectations related to the supervisor’s authority. In chapter 4 contacting consists of the staff addressing their concerns and questions before the beginning of the session. For example for contract in chapter 3, at the staff meeting if I was a supervisor that was new to the staff I would discuss my purpose of supervision and answer any questions related to my supervision role. In reference to chapter 4, if a person had an issue that occurred throughout the week I would allow that staff member to discuss his or her issue at the beginning of the meeting. What are the elaborating skills? How are these similar to interviewing
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