The Music Lab: Identifying Literary Decvices In Popular Music

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The Music Lab: Identifying literary decvices in popular music 1) Grade 8 English Language Arts: Topic, "Identify creative uses of language and visuals in pop culture such as commercials, rock videos and magazines; explain how imagery and figurative launguage such as hyperbol, create tone and mood" (Alberta learning Program of study, [English language arts] 2000, p. 12) 2) Intended purpose: Students will label and discribe in writing the literary decives used in popular music Assignement Students select a favourite song and print the lyrics from the computer. If students speak a different language at home they will be highly encouraged to choose a song in their first language (L1). Once students have selected their song, using the hand-out to guide the identification of the literary devices (LD), students will work in groups to accomplish…show more content…
In a mini lesson using the support of a power point presentation (PPT), students learn about music and lyrics. Next, the teacher discribes in detail the term literary divices. At this point, the teacher models the assignment, finding LD in his/her favourite song, using the list outlined on the hand-out. Each specific device is defined verbally by the teacher, on the hand-out, and in the PPT. Students then transition to the computer lab and print the lyrics for the task. Day 2. Working in small gorups, students use coloured pens that coordiate with each LD listed on the hand-out, identify a minimum of 3 LD in their own song. Together students will comapar who found the most LD and choose this song for the class presentation. This group element is a means to support eachothers' learning and to share langues and culture. Day 3. Students will present one song from each group, listening to the music once through and discribing the literary devices afterwards. If time permits, following the presentation, students are encouraged to share and discribe their songs to each other. Justification of Cultural

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