Explain The First Letter Of The LAPC Model

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Lesson 2 Assignment B The first letter of the LAPC model is listen which is the key factor in any effective crisis intervention. This is important, because good listening skills are essential to allow the victim to talk it out and to gather their thoughts. But we should also be able to recognize when silence is needed as it could lead to the victim to talk through the crisis out loud trying to fill in the blanks. This would allow us to better access the situation. I think I have good listening skills, because I have friends that will come by and to vent to me. I will be working on something in the garage and they will just be ranting and raving about something negative that had have during the course of their day. I might have to work on when knowing when to keep silent and when to ask questions. You know I can talk to my buddies in the garage a lot different than with a client. In the garage I do not have to worry about hurting their feelings! But I would never want to say a wrong thing to a client and have their feeling hurt or feeling misused.…show more content…
This is the step in which we need to make an assessment from our observations from the listening stage. How is the victim reacting to the crisis by their body language? This is also the stage where sensitivity is most important as we need to dig to the real root problem by asking about their emotions or what are their thoughts? I am usually a good judge of body language and character as I have always watched people and their actions. I do not know if you will find this interesting or not? But I have always looked at what shoes people are wearing as it can give you a description of what they might do for work or even what culture they may be

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