Life Satisfaction Thesis

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The purpose of the research is to explore the relationship b/w the existing variables. This research will add the existing body of knowledge as it will help to see how academic achievement and education system can improve life satisfaction of adolescents. This research will address the issue of common generation about which little is known and will extend the understanding of researcher and common people. Aim To find out the relationship between education system, academic achievement and life satisfaction in students. Research Questions I.What is the effect of education system on academic achievement and life satisfaction? II.How educational system effect academic achievement of student? Objectives I.To evaluate the relationship of education…show more content…
Many issues today affect the achievement gap and the ability for at-risk students to succeed. Most data, as revealed in the studies included in this review, conclude the factors identifying at-risk students do have significant impact on the academic achievement of individual students and schools. Most often, these students are not successful and eventually drop out of school or pursue a GED. Data indicate that teacher-student relationships, parent or caregiver student relationships, motivation, SES, and peer influence can affect success for at- risk students. Twelfth grade students from two high schools in an urban school district were given the opportunity to participate in a survey. This study investigates correlations between the dependent variable grade point average (GPA), and the independent variables teacher-student relationships, parent or caregiver-student relationships, motivation, SES, and peer influence. Five regressions were run to determine if any of the independent variables predict GPA. Data from this study indicate that the variance between the dependent variable of GPA and each of the five independent variables is significant; however, the practicality of these results' having a significant influence on the GPA of the study participants is minimal. The strongest variance found was between GPA and motivation and between GPA and peer influence. Other findings include…show more content…
Sadler's conclude from their study that program based on school and social that provide health , health teaching, it also provide education about child development phase and how to sort out stages like parenting and pregnancy.success rate achieved in their study almost 100%. Brown son believed that mothers who have received child care from school are better than those who received other support . Teenage parents often cited school-related reasons for dropping out of school. Significance This research will be significant for educational psychologist and social psychologist, teachers, students and for common public as it will open up the lies of the variables like academic achievement and education system. It will help to see the direction of relationship b/w the variables and also will help to see how these variables contribute to improve over life satisfaction. This research can address area in which little is known about how people learn and what we can do help facilitate the learning

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