The Social Revolution: The Major Changes During The Industrial Revolution

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The biggest changes that ever occurred in human history, in my opinion, were made during the Industrial Revolution. During the Industrial Revolution, the lifestyle of society changed, some effects were positive, while some were negative. During this time, due to scientific advances, improvements were made in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and urbanization. At the beginning of 1750, revolutionary changes started to occur, completely altering the lifestyle of many people in Britain. The main factor that led to this sudden change was, population increase. This was due to the ever growing British worldwide empire, which provided them with food, which in turn reduced famine. Improvements in medicine, also powered the accelerated…show more content…
More effective methods were needed for farming, so the British government issued some laws. For instance, they issued the Enclosure Acts, so that each farmer owned a certain amount of land and could practice new techniques. However, not everybody could afford to own their own land, this led to unemployment. These farmers moved to the city in search of jobs. Major changes in farming methods and invention of machinery led to the Industrial Revolution. The conditions in the factories and living areas were harsh. This lifestyle was unhygienic and soon, diseases started spreading. At this time, advances in medicine were made to address these issues. The use of machinery, minimized manual labour in the rural areas, so poor farmers were forced to work in new professions in urban areas. Machinery made manufacturing goods, much faster and easier and big industries opened, this led to trade. This caused a great movement of goods and people, which needed an adequate transport system, which was not…show more content…
The purpose of the steam boat was as a freight service. This helped the spread of the new ideas and led to a wider market, which accelerated change even more. It was 14 meters long and was invented in 1787 by John Fitch in the United States. John was born in 1743 in Connecticut. He did not receive a lot of educatuíon, because of the fact that his family ran a farm, which stopped him from studying. He started inventing, after he ran away from the farm, to learn about clockmaking. This led him to a career of inventing a steam boat. The idea to make the steamboat came from the invention of the steam engine, which was a source of power used in many machines. In 1776, James Watt, a Scottish instrument-maker, made a revolutionary invention, the steam engine. The machine burns coal, which release energy, to power machines, such as trains or boats. Both these revolutions revolutionised the lifestyle of the people living in the urbanized areas (Garcia,

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