Essay On Prosocial Behavior On Life Satisfaction

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Effect of Prosocial Behavior on Life satisfaction Introduction Prosocial behavior has great importance in the society and in the life on an individual personality. It gives individuals life a direction, by helping others individual can gain internal satisfaction. A sense of wellbeing develops in the individual while he sees that the others are happy and gaining benefit to some extent by his helping behavior. the most important form of prosocial behavior is altruism, which is a helping behavior of individual without any self interest. There are, manysources to help others, involve financial help all kinds of helping behaviors leads to satisfactions in life so helping behaviors are beneficial both for the individual and for the person who is…show more content…
Basically helping means to help others without self-interest. So the rationale behind this study is to tell the people the helping behaviors are good for one self because it enhance inner satisfaction. If the people help others it could reduce e the personal distress. Objectives The objective of the study includes. 1. To investigate the relationship between prosocial behavior and life satisfaction. 2. To investigate the role of prosocial behavior in enhancing the life satisfaction/ 3. To check whether the prosocial behavior have effect on life satisfaction. 4. To check the gender difference in prosocial behavior. Hypothesis 1. There is a significant positive relationship between prosocial behavior and life satisfaction. 2. Prosocial behavior is a positive predictor of life satisfaction. 3. Prosocial behavior positively relate with life satisfaction. Methodology Research Design Correlational study design will be use in this study. Sample The sample will consists of 100 people from which there is 50 males(50%) and 50 females(50%). Extrinsic factor: The persons who need help are not included in the

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